How to Keep Your Dog Safe Around a Christmas Tree

This Web Story will teach you how to keep your dog safe around a Christmas tree.


Make sure the tree is tall enough that your dog can't reach it. You can also put a barrier around the tree to keep your dog away.

Out of reach

Avoid using decorations that are toxic to dogs, such as tinsel, ornaments with small parts, and candles.

non-toxic decorations

Always supervise your dog when they're around the Christmas tree. This will help prevent them from chewing on the tree or decorations.


If your dog is feeling anxious around the Christmas tree, provide them with a safe place to go, such as a crate or a bed.

Provide Safe Place

Once the holidays are over, take down the tree and decorations to prevent your dog from chewing on them.

Take down

Some dogs may be more anxious around Christmas trees than others. Be patient and understanding with your dog, and they'll eventually learn to be safe around the tree.

Be patient

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