How to Grow Sunflowers from Seed This Season

Start your sunflower journey by picking the perfect variety for your yard. From standard-sized to dwarf varieties, there's a sunflower for every garden.

Seed Selection

Kickstart your sunflower growth indoors. Plant your seeds about 4 weeks before the last frost date and watch them sprout into life.

Indoor Sowing

Prepare your seedlings for the great outdoors. Gradually expose them to wind and sun to strengthen them for their final planting spot.

Hardening Off

It's time to move your sunflowers to their forever home. Be gentle with their roots and make sure they have plenty of sunlight.

Planting Seedlings

If you missed the indoor sowing window, don't worry. Sunflower seeds can be planted directly into the ground once the threat of frost has passed.

Direct Sowing

As your sunflowers grow, they may need a little support. A garden stake and some twine should do the trick. Remember, sunflowers love the sun but don't need much water.

Maintenance and Care

Whether you're cutting blossoms for a vase or harvesting seeds for next season, there's a joy in reaping what you've sown. Enjoy your sunflower success!


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