How to Grow Lavender in Your Garden

English lavender and lavandin are the most widely grown hardy types, while Spanish and French lavender prefer warmer climates.

Choose Your Lavender

Lavender needs full sun, which is considered six or more hours of direct sunlight. It also requires good drainage and no standing water.

Find the Right Spot

Dig a hole two to three times as wide as your plant. Place the plant in the hole at the same level—or slightly higher—than it was in the pot. Lavender doesn't like to stay soggy.

Planting Lavender

Give your lavender a deep drink every few days as it's getting established its first year. However, don't overwater it as this can lead to root rot.

Watering Needs

Prune your lavender in the spring, once new growth begins to appear on the stems. Don't cut it back in the fall or to the ground, as this can harm the plant.

Pruning Lavender

Lavender is a perennial, so it will come back every year as long as you care for it properly. You can expect your lavender plant to bloom every year, for about three to five years.

Lavender's Lifespan

Lavender is known for its powerful fragrance and is often used in bouquets and culinary dishes.

Lavender's Many Uses

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