How To Create a Meadow Garden

Embrace the trend of environmentally friendly landscapes. Meadow gardens are sustainable, beneficial to wildlife, and require fewer resources.

The Rise of Meadow Gardens

Meadow gardens are naturalized areas with native plants and grasses. They require no fertilizing, minimal water, and no regular mowing.

What is a Meadow Garden?

Choose a suitable site, research local plants, and draw up a plan. Even a small corner of your yard can become a beautiful meadow.

Planning Your Meadow Garden

Clear the area of weeds, prepare the soil, and plant in drifts for visual impact. Mix seeds with sand for even distribution.

Planting Your Meadow Garden

Water until plants are established, prune in late winter, and mow in early spring. Most native plants need little or no supplemental fertilizer.

Maintaining Your Meadow Garden

Consider plants like coneflower, sedge, Shasta daisy, switchgrass, and tickseed. These plants are beneficial to bees, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Meadow Garden Plant Suggestions

Create pathways, consider color succession, repeat plantings, and include finishing touches like boulders or a rustic bench.

Design Tips for Your Meadow Garden

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