How To Build a Dog Kennel

The kennel should be large enough for your dog to lie down, stand, and turn around. It should be snug enough to retain body heat in colder weather.

Kennel Dimensions

Use non-toxic exterior grade plywood and chipboard. Consider flooring that provides extra padding and warmth.

Choosing the Material

To prevent moisture seepage, raise the kennel a few inches above the ground. You can use stilts, a hollow platform, or a concrete base.

Raising the Kennel

Cut the sides and roof to fit your dimensions. Assemble the sides first, ensuring there are no rough edges or protruding nails.

Cutting and Assembling

Design your kennel for easy cleaning. A slight slope allows for easy drainage, while a detachable roof provides access for washing.

Easy Cleaning

Don't forget to build a door or cut a door hole, so the dog can easily get in and out of the kennel.

Door for Access

Outdoor furniture cushions make great bedding. They're comfy, easy to clean, and more sturdy and weather resistant than indoor cushions.

Comfortable Bedding

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