How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

Walking your dog is essential for their physical and mental health. It helps keep off extra weight, lower blood pressure, and provides a healthy dose of fresh air.


Different breeds have different exercise needs. Sporting or working breeds may have higher exercise requirements than lap dogs.


Younger dogs generally need more exercise than middle-aged and senior dogs. However, older dogs may have health conditions that lower their stamina.


Most dogs can tolerate a daily 20-30 minute walk if they're in good health. Overweight or obese dogs may struggle with even short walks.

Exercise Tolerance

A dog's exercise tolerance can be increased gradually, as long as they're healthy. Slowly building up their stamina can help avoid injury and overexertion.

Building Exercise

Monitor your dog's behavior after walks. If they're excessively tired or start limping, they may have overexerted themselves. Adjust the walk duration accordingly.


If your schedule makes regular walks challenging, consider hiring a dog walker, aiming for shorter daily walks, or substituting walks with playtime in your yard.


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