How Many Dogs Are Right for You?

Consider the needs of your current dogs. Resolve any behavioral issues before introducing a new dog to the household.

Assessing Current Dogs

Ensure you have the resources for another dog. This includes time, space, and budget for food, grooming, and veterinary care.

Time, Space, and Money

All household members should be comfortable with getting a dog. Consider allergies and children's comfort around dogs.

Human Family Members

Consider your lifestyle changes and your dog's adjustment needs. Dogs have different grooming, training, and exercise needs.

Matching Your Lifestyle

Getting more than one puppy at a time can be challenging. It's hard to bond with them individually and they may focus more on each other.

Getting a Puppy

Monitor the dogs' introduction closely. Watch for signs of aggression and teach them appropriate play.

Introducing the Dogs

Building a relationship with your dog is important. This isn't about a quick fix, but about creating a harmonious multi-dog household.

Building a Relationship

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