How Do Talking Dog Buttons Work?

Talking dog buttons are based on alternative and augmentative communication devices. They help non-verbal individuals, like dogs, express their needs and feelings.

Dog Buttons

The sound boards for dogs have buttons with words on them. Each button is pre-recorded to say the word when pressed, enabling dogs to communicate their desires.

How They Work

Dogs have an amazing ability to understand words. The idea behind talking dog buttons is to use this ability to facilitate more complex communication.

The Science Behind

Training your dog to use the buttons involves patience, repetition, and attentive listening. It's similar to teaching a dog to ring a bell to go outside.

Training Your Dog

Any dog can learn to use the buttons in some capacity. However, the level of success may vary depending on the dog's interest and the owner's consistency.

Can Dog Learn?

The buttons provide a richer communication with our dogs. They can help us understand our dogs' needs and wants more clearly, enhancing the human-animal bond.


Go slow, keep the buttons in a centralized location, pay attention to other communication cues, and never force your pet to push the buttons.


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