Full-Sun Annuals: Garden Guide

Discover traditional favorites like Diamond Series Euphorbia, Calibrachoa, Nemesia, Petunia, Salvia, Verbena. These plants are tried and true, with exciting new varieties.

Traditional Favorites

Ideal for a cutting garden, these blooms include African Daisy, Angelonia, Cosmos, Snapdragon, Spider Flower, Sunflower, and Zinnia. They are perfect for creating beautiful bouquets.

Bouquet-Worthy Blooms

Accents to drape and spill over the edges of containers include Bidens, Dichondra, and Lotus Vine. These plants add a unique touch to your garden design.

Sensational Spillers

This plant adds a froth of starry white flowers to your bolder flowers and foliage, creating an eye-catching combination. It's drought tolerant and deer resistant.

Diamond Series Euphorbia

Geraniums come in a variety of colors and designs, making them a popular choice for gardeners. They are easy to care for and add a vibrant touch to any garden.


Lantana plants are hard-working, blooming repeatedly throughout the summer with flat clusters of flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. They are drought tolerant and deer resistant.


Marigolds are easy-care bedding plants, equally at home in the vegetable garden as they are in containers or the landscape. They are popular for their rich color blends.


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