Flowers That Bloom All Season Long

African Violet is a shade-loving plant that thrives in humidity and can bloom all year round. Known for its low-maintenance nature, it can live for a very long time and bloom year-round.

African Violet

Ajuga is a perennial herbaceous plant, perfect for ground cover in open areas like slopes or natural woodland habitats.

Ajuga or Bugleweed

Alpine Violets are common to woodland areas and often found growing in the wild under trees and shrubs. They bloom in spring and winter, going dormant in the summertime.

Alpine Violet

Alyssum blooms are tiny white, purple, or lavender flowers that grow in a sphere shape. These will grow year-round in warmer climates though technically, they are considered an annual.


Also known as “Blue Fortune,” this long-blooming plant has exquisite purple-blue flowers that give off a minty fragrance.

Anise Hyssop

Begonias have a long blooming season and come in pink, red, white, yellow, or multicolored. They have thick, succulent-like leaves and stems.


Black-Eyed Susan is a hearty, moderately drought-tolerant plant. It will bloom early summer and into the fall if deadheaded.

Black-Eyed Susans

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