Flowering Trees: A Garden's Glory

The Jacaranda and Burgundy Desert Willow, trees with stunning purple flowers. They require full sun and well-drained soil for optimal growth.

Purple Blooms

Saucer Magnolia and Eastern Redbud are remarkable for their pink flowers. They bloom early in spring, providing a vibrant start to the season.

Pink Blossoms

Lollipop Flowering Crabapple and Spring Glory Serviceberry are notable for their white flowers. These trees offer four-season interest with their flowers, fruits, and fall foliage.

White Flowers

Choose trees that suit your garden's conditions. Consider the tree's sunlight needs, soil preferences, and growth rate.

Choosing Trees

Consistent watering and organic fertilizers can promote blooming. Prune dead or diseased branches promptly to maintain tree health.

Tree Care

Look around your neighborhood and note which flowering trees are thriving. Also, consult with your local nursery or extension agent for recommendations.

Tree Selection

At the nursery, choose tree specimens that look healthy, with well-spaced branches. Avoid trees with circling or kinked root growth.

Healthy Trees

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