Flowering Ground Covers: Shade & Sun

A ground cover for dry shade, barrenwort has heart-shaped leaves and delicate flowers in shades of pink, red, violet, or yellow.


This resilient perennial forms a dense mat that helps smother weeds. It has violet-blue flower spikes and glossy, dark green leaves.


Prized for its frothy flowers that bloom over an exceptionally long time, foamflower also boasts deeply lobed, patterned leaves.


Often mistaken for an ornamental grass, Liriope is prized for its showy spikes of purple flowers and ability to thrive in both shady and sunny garden sites.


One of the best flowering ground covers for deep shade, forming a lush carpet of glossy, emerald-green foliage topped by short spikes of white flowers in early spring.


In addition to brightening the spring garden with dense clusters of golden-yellow flowers, Aurinia has handsome silvery gray foliage make it an asset even when it’s not in bloom.

Basket of Gold

Highly resilient to foot traffic, this low-growing aromatic herb is ideal for use as a filler between stepping stones and pathways or as an easy-care lawn substitute.

Creeping Thyme

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