Flower Garden: A 3-Step Guide for Beginners

Familiarize yourself with your garden's site, soil, and frost cycle. Understand what plants grow well in your soil and plan accordingly.

Know Your Garden

Choose a color scheme that unifies the landscape. Use variations of the same color for impact, and consider using complimentary colors for excitement.

Create Your Color Palette

Consider shape, repetition, layers, and combinations when designing your flower garden. Also, don't forget to incorporate fragrance and movement.

Design Like a Pro

Listen to Mother Nature to learn about your land's traits. Be honest with light, moisture conditions, and the topography.

Understanding Your Site

Do a soil test to ensure a successful flower garden. Use the result to amend your soil before planting.

Know Your Soil

Learn what plants grow well in your soil. Visit nearby natural areas that mimic your conditions in the wild to discover the flowers that you like.

Know Your Flowers

Take advantage of natural breeze patterns to allow the scents of flowers to waft toward your home or patio areas.

Design with Fragrance and Movement

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