Fall Vegetable Garden Cleanup: Essential Tasks

Fall cleanup is crucial for the health of your garden. It prevents disease and makes spring gardening easier.

The Importance of Fall Cleanup

Fall cleanup begins after the first killing frost. Remove dead crops or debris to avoid disease and pests.

When to Start Fall Cleanup

From removing spent plants to protecting fruit trees, there are essential steps to follow for a successful fall cleanup.

Steps for Fall Vegetable Garden Cleanup

Don't throw out those leaves! They're a natural mulch for your garden and a great source of soil nutrition.

Using Fall Leaves Wisely

Replenish your soil with compost or organic matter in the fall. This feeds your garden throughout the winter.

Protecting Your Garden Soil

October and November are the best times to plant garlic. It needs cold temperatures to produce huge yields.

Planting Garlic in Fall

Some vegetables are hardy or semi-hardy and can stay in the ground after frost. These include spinach, garlic, leeks, and more.

Which Vegetables Can Stay in the Ground

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