Essentials of a Cut Flower Garden

A cut flower garden is designed for production and harvest, much like a vegetable garden. It provides a bounty of cut blooms all season long.

Cut Flower Garden

Choose a sunny, wind-sheltered spot for your cut flower garden. Some flowers can be grown in containers if space is limited.

Garden Location

Set up your garden with production and efficiency in mind. Use narrow, rectangular spaces that are easy to tend and harvest.

Garden Setup

Even a small cutting garden can be productive. Grow plants with long stems and space them closely together for maximum yield.

Garden Size

Choose plants with strong stems, a long vase life, and a high yield. Consider the colors, the flowers you love, and the rooms you want to fill.

Flower Selection

Plan for all seasons, grow cut-and-come-again flowers, stagger planting times, aim for variety, plant complementary colors, and don't forget foliage plants.

Garden Design Tips

Include native wildflowers in your cutting garden. They are super-hardy, easy to care for, and help support local wildlife.

Go Native

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