Ensuring Pet Safety on Fourth of July

Keep pets indoors during Fourth of July celebrations to protect them from overheating and prevent them from getting loose amidst the festivities.

Indoor Safety

Create a comfortable, noise-dampened space for your pets with a cozy bed, toys, fresh water, and possibly a pheromone diffuser for additional stress relief.

Safe Space Creation

If your pet is sensitive to loud noises, make arrangements weeks in advance. This could include prescription medications, anxiety vests, or desensitization practices.

Noise Phobia

Ensure your pet has an up-to-date ID and microchip. Clear, recent photos of your pets can also be helpful in case they go missing.


Avoid sharing your Fourth of July feast with your pets. Many common foods and ingredients can be toxic or harmful to them.

Food Safety

Keep your pets away from alcohol. It's toxic to dogs and cats and can cause serious health issues, even when absorbed through the skin.

Alcohol Awareness

Keep your pets away from glow sticks and citronella products. These items can cause various health issues if chewed, ingested, or even just contacted.

Hazardous Items

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