Effective Weed Control Techniques: Weed War

Weeds compete with your plants for nutrients. Learn how to control them and keep your garden thriving.

Understanding Weeds

Mulch blocks weed seeds from sunlight, inhibits growth, and retains moisture. It's a gardener's best friend.

Mulching Over Weeds

Cover soil with dampened newspaper or cardboard to prevent weed growth. This method is especially effective for new garden spaces.

Excluding Light

Manual weeding is therapeutic for some. Remember to pull out the root to prevent regrowth.

Pulling Out Weeds

Natural herbicides can effectively control weeds without harming your garden's ecosystem.

Homemade Herbicide Sprays

A good old-fashioned garden hoe can be your ally in the war against weeds. Hoeing is best done when the soil is dry.

Hoeing Down Weeds

Avoid overturning the soil to prevent dormant weed seeds from reaching the surface. Some even suggest weeding at night!

Minimizing Soil Disruption

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