Dogs' Personalities: How Much Comes From Owner?

Dogs and their owners often mirror each other's personalities. This is not a coincidence, as dog personality is strongly linked to human personality.

Dogs and Owners

A study found that pet parents overwhelmingly responded that they share five major personality dimensions with their dogs, including neuroticism and openness.


People tend to select dogs that complement their own personalities. For example, a calm person might choose a calm dog.

Dog Selection

Dogs have an ability to read and match human emotions. If a person is anxious, dogs often become anxious as well, especially if the anxiety is chronic.

Mimic Emotions

Dogs are true empaths. They can sense minute physiological changes in people and respond accordingly.

Dogs as Empaths

While it's more common for dogs to acquire personality traits from their owners, it's possible for dogs' emotions and behavior to impact humans as well.


Numerous studies have shown a reduction in anxiety, slowing of heart rate, lowering of blood pressure.


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