Dogs and Kids: It's Okay If They Don't Mix

Dogs and kids are often seen as a perfect match, but not all dogs are fans of the pint-sized crowd. It's okay if your dog prefers a more mature audience.


A dog that's "fine" with kids is not the same as a dog that's "good" with kids. Tolerance can easily tip into reactivity if a dog is pushed beyond his comfort zone.


Lack of socialization or unpredictable behavior of children can make dogs uncomfortable around kids. It's important to understand these triggers.


Canine discomfort isn't always signaled with barks and snarls. Subtle signs like tail tucking, frequent yawning, or lip licking can indicate stress.

Signs of Stress

A dog uncomfortable with children might walk away when approached or try to hide. It's crucial to respect these signals and not force interactions.


Ignoring your dog's discomfort won't make it go away. Similarly, forcing your dog to face his fears can backfire.

What Not to Do

If your dog is uncomfortable around kids, manage the situation and remove him.

First Steps

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