Dog Teeth Cleaning: Costs and Importance

Regular teeth cleaning by a vet can prevent and reverse gingivitis, ensuring a healthier mouth for your dog.

Doggy Breath

Costs can range from $250-$900 with general practitioners, and $800-$1,300 with veterinary dentists.


Dog teeth cleaning typically includes anesthesia, oral exam, scaling and polishing, and dental x-rays.

What's Included?

Additional costs may include a pre-anesthesia blood panel and tooth extractions if necessary.

Additional Costs

Small and medium dogs should have their first dental cleaning at 1-2 years old, and large dogs at 2-3 years old.


Not all pet insurance policies cover dental costs. It's crucial to understand your coverage before scheduling a dental procedure, as policies vary significantly.

Pet Insurance

Early cleanings, at-home preventative care, and the right pet insurance plan can help save on your dog's teeth cleaning costs.


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