Dog Separation Anxiety: Do Goodbyes Help?

Many dog owners say goodbye to their pets before leaving. This human habit is often extended to pets, but does it have any real impact on your dog's anxiety?


Research indicates that dogs know when their owners are about to leave. The usual departure signals like putting on shoes or grabbing keys are clear indicators for them.


Dogs' reactions to their owners' departure vary. Some may vocalize briefly and then settle down, exhibiting contact-calling behavior.

Dog Reactions

A significant percentage of dogs may suffer from separation anxiety. Dramatic departures and returns may enhance this anxiety, making the alone time more stressful for them.


Signs of separation anxiety include scratches on the door or house soiling. Neighbors might also report intense vocalization during the owner's absence.


If you're unsure about your dog's anxiety, record their behavior after your departure. This can provide valuable insights.


Treatment plans may include behavior modification exercises, anxiety-reducing toys, and potentially anti-anxiety medication.


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