Dog Parkour: Agility Course Anywhere, Anytime

Dog parkour is a fun, safe, and affordable activity that can be done anywhere. It builds confidence, increases focus, and improves physical fitness in dogs.

Dog Parkour

Dog parkour resembles traditional dog agility courses but uses natural and man-made obstacles found outdoors.

Parkour vs Agility

Parkour fosters teamwork and strengthens the bond between pet parent and dog. It also helps dogs gain confidence and learn how to move their bodies safely when active.


Parkour is a low-impact activity suitable for all skill levels. It can be adjusted to suit both the human and the dog, making it a versatile and inclusive sport.

Suitable for All

Start parkour training slowly and easily to build your dog's confidence and ability levels. Reward your dog not just for success but also for effort.

Parkour Training

Always check your surfaces and watch out for potential hazards. Adult dogs should not jump onto hard surfaces that are taller than shoulder height.


Avoid doing parkour on art installations, statues, and children's playgrounds when children are present.


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