Dock Diving: An Exciting Sport for Dogs

Dock diving is a fast-growing dog sport. If your pup loves water and fetch, they might be an ideal candidate for this exciting activity.

Dock Diving

Dock diving involves tossing a toy into the water, and your dog leaps off a raised platform to retrieve it. The dog that jumps the farthest wins.


Dock diving events include distance and air retrieve. In air retrieve, a dog must knock off or grab a toy hung above the water.


Any canine over 6 months old that isn't afraid of the water can compete. However, brachycephalic dog breeds should consult with a vet before competing.


Dock diving strengthens your bond with your pet through play and gives them a good workout. It's about building excitement, drive, and companionship.


Training can be done at a dock-diving facility. It's important to build confidence and love for the water first, which can take one session or several.


Basic equipment includes a dog fond of water, a dock, a body of water, towels, a waterproof dog collar, and floating fetch toys.


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