Do Our Dogs Really Love Us?

Scientists have researched whether dogs can reciprocate human love. The answer lies in your personal definition of love.

The Question of Canine Love

Studies show that dog puppies are more attracted to humans and make more eye contact than wolf puppies.

It's in Their Genes

Dogs developed a facial muscle that enables them to establish eye contact with humans, communicating love and devotion.

The Eye Contact

Dogs' brains show activation in the reward center when they smell their owners, indicating the importance of humans in their lives.

Positive Brainwaves

Human and dog brains react similarly to emotion-laden sounds, indicating a strong ability to communicate emotions across species.

Emotional Communication

Oxytocin, the love hormone, enhances social motivation in dogs to approach and interact with their human partners.

The Love Hormone

While not identical to human love, the emotional bond dogs form with their owners is strong enough to be called love.

The Verdict

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