Do Dogs See Colors?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs don't just see in black and white. They can distinguish between yellow and blue.

Busting Myths

Color blindness, common in humans, is due to abnormalities in color-detecting molecules, known as cones, in the retina.

Understanding Color Blindness

The idea that dogs see only in black and white has been debunked. Dogs can see some colors, just not as humans do.

Dog Vision Myths

Dogs' eyes have evolved for nocturnal hunting, with more rods for low-light vision. This affects their color perception.

Canine Eye Structure

Dogs are dichromatic, with two types of cones. They lack red-green cones, affecting their perception of these colors.

Dogs: Dichromatic Vision

Dogs can distinguish yellow and blue from green. This explains their preference for yellow and blue toys.

Dog Toys and Colors

Knowing dogs' color perception can help in choosing the right colored toys. Avoid red or orange as they appear brownish-gray to dogs.

Implications for Dog Owners

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