Deep and Moody Roses For a Dramatic Garden

Dark roses, with their nearly black foliage and blooms, are gaining popularity for their unique appeal and contrast they provide in gardens.

The Allure of Dark Roses

Munstead Wood, one of the darkest roses, boasts velvety crimson petals that darken with age, exuding old-world charm.

The Dark Beauty

Burgundy Iceberg, a mutation of 'Iceberg', offers deep violet-wine petals with a creamy reverse, creating a magical effect.

The Enchanting Blend

Black Pearl, a hybrid tea rose, showcases scarlet petals with a deeper crimson reverse, making it a magnet for compliments.

Black Pearl

Twilight Zone, with its velvety magenta and purple blooms, performs well even in dappled shade, turning gloomy corners into inviting focal points.

Twilight Zone

Soncy, with its deep green foliage that begins nearly black, offers a stunning contrast with its soft pink blooms.


Black Baccara, with its deep oxblood blooms, is a florist favorite for its long graceful stems and velvety petals edged in charcoal red.

Black Baccara

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