Cottage Garden: Your Guide to Creating a Landscape

Cottage-style gardens are characterized by loose, informal design and dense, exuberant plantings.

Cottage Gardens

Choose plants by size to create a layered look. Include varieties like Hydrangea, Peony, and Zinnia.

Creating Layers

Mid-border plants like Dahlia and Delphinium add depth and color to your garden.

Mid-Border Magic

Tall plants like Clematis and Hollyhock provide a backdrop to set off the rest of the plants.

Back of Border

Roses, one of the most beloved garden plants, are a staple of cottage borders and landscapes.

The Quintessential Rose

Other cottage garden flowers include Baptisia, Bellflower, Columbine, and Daylily.

More Cottage Garden Plants & Ideas

Classic cottage garden herbs and edible flowers like Anise Hyssop, Calendula, and Chives add a functional touch.

Herbs & Edible Flowers

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