Coneflower Seeds: A Gardener's Guide of Timing

Harvesting coneflower seeds is simple. It starts with deadheading spent flowers and drying them out.

Seed Collection

For seeds you've collected, emulate winter's cold to trigger dormancy. A month in the fridge should do!

Cold Stratification

If harvesting isn't for you, buy seeds! They're pre-stratified and ready to sow following package instructions.

Purchasing Seeds

Start seeds 8-10 weeks before the last frost. Use a seed starting kit or small pots and keep soil moist.

Sowing Indoors

Once sprouted, move seedlings to a sunny spot. Fertilize lightly and watch for root growth.

Seedling Care

Plant seeds directly in the ground once it's thawed. Keep soil moist but avoid overwatering.

Sowing Outdoors

Harden off seedlings before planting them in a sunny garden spot. Water regularly until established.

Transplanting Seedlings

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