Companion Plants for Dill: Enhance Flavor

Companion plants enhance the flavor of dill, attract beneficial insects, and improve garden health.

Companion Plants

Pair chamomile with dill for calming companionship. Chamomile enhances the flavor of dill and both herbs benefit from shared space.

Chamomile and Dill

Plant cabbage near dill for natural pest control. Dill attracts beneficial insects that prey on pests harmful to cabbage.

Cabbage and Dill

Grow lettuce near dill for shading and flavor. Lettuce provides shade for the delicate dill plants and both vegetables can be harvested together.

Lettuce and Dill

Pair tomatoes with dill for a complementary pair. Dill enhances the flavor of tomatoes and repels pests.

Tomatoes and Dill

Plant onions near dill as natural allies. Onions repel pests and their strong aroma masks the scent of dill, deterring pests.

Onions and Dill

Consider spacing and sunlight requirements, harvest herbs properly, and enjoy the flavors and benefits of your dill garden.

Final Tips

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