Companion Planting with Marigolds

Marigolds repel pests, improve soil health, and attract beneficial insects. Unlock the secrets of successful gardening.

Why Choose Companion Planting?

Pair marigolds with tomatoes for a natural partnership. Marigolds deter pests that harm tomatoes, while tomatoes provide support for marigolds.

Tomatoes and Marigolds

Plant basil alongside marigolds for perfect companionship. Basil enhances the flavor of marigolds and repels pests.

Basil and Marigolds

Grow cucumbers near marigolds for a thriving garden. Marigolds repel pests that harm cucumbers, while cucumbers provide shade for marigolds.


Pair nasturtiums with marigolds for a burst of color and benefits. Nasturtiums attract beneficial insects, while marigolds deter pests.


Plant beans alongside marigolds for a beneficial combination. Marigolds repel pests that harm beans, while beans provide support for marigolds.


Consider spacing and sunlight requirements, maintain soil health, and enjoy the vibrant rewards of your garden. Elevate your gardening experience.

Final Tips

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