Collecting and Cleaning Chicken Eggs

Ensure clean nesting boxes with soft bedding for hens to lay eggs comfortably. Gather eggs daily to maintain freshness and prevent cracking.

Collecting Chicken Eggs

Store unwashed eggs in a cool place with consistent temperature, ideally around 45-50°F (7-10°C). Pointy side down helps preserve freshness and prevents air pockets.

Storing Chicken Eggs

Incubation period is typically 21 days. Use a reliable incubator and monitor humidity and temperature levels consistently. Turn eggs regularly for healthy embryo development.

Hatching Chicken Eggs

Shine a bright light through eggs to check for viability. Discard eggs with cracks, blood rings, or abnormal development. Healthy eggs show a dark mass with clear air sac.

Candling Eggs

A broody hen may exhibit nesting behavior to incubate eggs. Provide a secluded area with food and water for successful hatching.

Broody Hen

Maintain proper humidity and temperature levels during incubation. Avoid opening the incubator frequently to prevent temperature fluctuations. Assist hatching chicks only if necessary.

Hatching Tips

Once hatched, chicks need a warm, draft-free brooder with a heat lamp. Offer clean water, chick feed, and a secure environment. Monitor their health and provide appropriate care.

Chick Care

Raising chickens from eggs can be a rewarding experience. Watch the miracle of life unfold and witness the growth of your flock. Embrace the joys of backyard chicken keeping.

Enjoy the Journey

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