Care for Emaciated Dog

An emaciated dog is one that is severely underweight. They may have visible ribs, spine, and hip bones. Their skin may be loose and their coat may be dull.

Emaciated Dog

There are many reasons why a dog might become emaciated. Some common causes include: Lack of food Illness Injury Parasites Stress


If your dog is emaciated, it is important to take them to the veterinarian to rule out any underlying medical problems. 

How to Care?

It is important to gradually increase your dog's food intake. This will help to prevent their stomach from becoming upset. Start by giving them small meals throughout the day.

Increase Food Intake

Your dog will need a high-calorie diet to help them gain weight. You can talk to your veterinarian about a specific diet that is right for your dog.

High-Calorie Diet

It is important to monitor your dog's weight regularly to make sure that they are gaining weight at a healthy rate. You can weigh your dog at home or take them to the veterinarian.

Dog's Weight

It takes time for an emaciated dog to gain weight. Be patient and consistent with your care. With time and patience, your dog will regain their health.

Be Patient

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