Canine Empathy: Dogs and Emotions

Dogs are known to empathize with humans, but can they empathize with other dogs? Research suggests they might.

Canine Empathy

Dogs often mirror our emotions. They can pick up on our emotional cues and react accordingly, showing empathy.

Human Emotions

A 2017 study found that dogs paid more attention to emotional auditory cues than neutral ones, both from humans and other dogs.

Dogs Reacting

Dogs showed higher levels of distress when exposed to negative emotions, suggesting they can differentiate between positive and negative emotions.

Negative Emotions

Dogs showed higher levels of stress when they heard negative auditory cues from their dog friends, suggesting they empathize more with dogs they know.


To encourage empathy in your dog, foster a respectful, kind relationship. Spend quality time together and encourage positive behavior.

Encouraging Empathy

Dogs show empathy differently than humans. They might lick another dog's face or rub their body against them during times of stress.

Empathy Differently

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