Can Dogs Differentiate Between Animals?

Dog owners often wonder if their pups can tell the difference between dogs and other animals. Can dogs accurately rely on their senses to discern species?


Research into dog cognition is gaining popularity. Studies are providing valuable insights into how dogs use their senses to discern their own species from other animals.


Dogs appear to distinguish between faces (human and dog) and everyday objects. The area of a dog’s brain that processes faces is similar to that of humans.


Can dogs tell the difference between images of dog faces and those of humans and other animals? Research suggests dogs can group dog images within the same category.


Canine vision is powerful. Dogs showed an ability to group the dog images within the same category, separate from the other animals, in a study.


Despite their great phenotypic variability, dogs have the capacity for species discrimination based only on visual images of heads.

Phenotypic Variability

Dogs' visual ability to discern dogs from other species, makes it clear that dogs can tell the difference between fellow dogs and other animals.


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