Calming Music for Dogs: A Guide

Music can have a therapeutic effect on dogs, similar to humans. Certain types of music can increase relaxed behaviors and reduce stress in dogs.

Music's Effect

Studies suggest that classical music, soft rock, and reggae can lead to more relaxed behaviors in dogs. Solo piano music can also be effective in reducing anxiety.

Music Genres

Some music is specifically produced for dogs, featuring frequencies that dogs can hear. The tempo, simplicity of tones are crucial calming qualities.

Music for Dogs

Calming music can be beneficial for new pets, dogs with separation anxiety, during crate time, or while traveling.

Calming Music

Use audio tracks that combine calming music with low-volume sound effects like fireworks or thunderstorms.

Sounds Positively

The Sound Proof Puppy app is a tool to expose your puppy to new sounds during their socialization period, helping them adjust to various noises in a positive way.

Puppy App

Keep the volume moderate to low, try various genres, and don't just play music when your dog is home alone.


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