Biewer Terrier: Six Fun Facts About This Breed

First things first, Biewer is pronounced 'beaver'. The breed's name comes from its original breeders, Gertrud and Werner Biewer.

Pronunciation and Origin

The first Biewer Terrier was born in 1984, a gold, blue, and white puppy from the Biewers' Yorkshire Terriers, due to a rare recessive piebald gene.

A Surprise Birth

In 2007, a genetic study confirmed the Biewer Terrier as a purebred. This was the first time genetics, not pedigree documentation, was used for such a determination.

A Genetic First

Biewer Terriers are known for their charming and devoted nature. Their happy-go-lucky spirit and easy-going personality make them endearing companions.

Born Companions

Despite their tiny stature, Biewer Terriers are athletic and hearty. They love walks, playtime, and even agility activities with their owners.

Small but Athletic

Biewer Terriers are elegant, with a silky, long coat and a plumed tail. Their unique tri-color coat of black, tan, and white varies from dog to dog.

Elegant Appearance

To top off their elegant appearance, Biewer Terriers sport a signature ponytail, adding to their unique charm and style.

Signature Ponytail

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