Best Summer Bulbs: A Vibrant Garden Guide

Summer bulbs add color and interest to your garden. They thrive in warmer conditions and bloom beautifully in beds, borders, and containers.

The Allure of Summer Bulbs

Hardy and easy-care, Asiatic Lilies bloom early with a wide range of colors. They're perfect for a mixed border or container.

Asiatic Lily

Brighten up shaded areas with Begonias. Their large rose-like blooms come in vibrant hues and bloom nonstop, requiring no deadheading.


Known for their heart-shaped foliage, Caladiums add a splash of color and pattern to shady areas. They're perfect for containers and window boxes.


Elegant and showy, Calla Lilies are a favorite of florists. Their broad green or speckled foliage and array of colors make them a standout.

Calla Lily

Add a tropical feel to your landscape with Canna Lilies. Their bold foliage and striking patterns are a sight to behold.

Canna Lily

Beloved for their endless array of colors and forms, Dahlias are a summer garden staple. They range from 2-inch pompons to giant 10-inch dinnerplates.


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