Best Dog Food for Weight Loss

Obesity in dogs is linked to several medical ailments. It's crucial to find the best dog food for weight loss to complement your pet's weight-loss plan.


Veterinarians calculate the calories your dog needs with a goal of losing 2% of initial body weight per week. Regular weigh-ins are scheduled.

Calorie Intake

Weight loss occurs when calorie intake is less than calories expended. Prescription weight-loss diets are effective in managing your dog's weight.

Weight Loss Food

Diets for weight loss are designed to decrease caloric intake while maintaining appropriate nutrient levels, preventing nutritional deficiencies.

Caloric Density

Diets higher in fiber and lower in fat promote a feeling of fullness. Dietary fiber adds no calories to a dog’s diet, aiding in weight loss.

High Fiber, Low Fat

L-carnitine helps metabolize fat instead of storing it. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, benefiting overweight dogs experiencing inflammation.


A feeding routine and exercise plan can help your dog reach their weight-loss goals. Regular vet check-ups ensure the ideal weight is maintained.

Routine and Exercise

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