Astilbe Gardening Guide: Grow and Nurture

Choose from various types of Astilbe, each with unique flower shapes and colors.

Choosing Your Astilbe Seeds

Astilbe thrives in well-drained soil. Amend with organic matter to improve texture and nutrients.

Prepare Your Soil

Plant your Astilbe seeds in the early spring or fall. Space them 1-3 feet apart for optimal growth.

Plant Your Seeds

Keep the soil consistently moist. Astilbe needs plenty of water, especially in dry periods.

Water Regularly

Astilbe does well in partial to full shade. They can tolerate sun, but not drought.

Choose the Right Spot

Remove spent flowers to encourage more blooms. Cut back in late winter to prepare for new growth.

Prune As Needed

Explore the rich palette of Astilbe colors, from white and pink to red and purple.

Astilbe Varieties

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