Anxiety Blankets for Pets: Are They Safe?

Anxiety blankets, marketed for treating human anxiety, might seem like a quick fix for your pet's anxiety. But are they safe and effective for pets?


Weighted blankets mimic the effect of being swaddled, which can be soothing. They apply consistent pressure and arousal levels.

Weighted Blankets

Studies show people feel less anxious using weighted blankets. While they may not induce faster sleep, which might extend to pets.

Psychological Effect

A weighted blanket designed for humans could be too heavy for pets, causing discomfort and restrictiveness.

Pets and Blankets

Weighted blankets may pose breathing difficulties, especially for pets with asthma or flat-faced breeds.

Safety Concerns

Snug-fitting vests and wraps marketed for pet anxiety reduction are available and may be safer.


Anxiety wraps or vests designed for pets provide light pressure, potentially reducing heart rates and inducing calm behavior.

Anxiety Wraps

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