All About Your Dog's Body Condition Score

The Body Condition Score (BCS) is a visual and hands-on assessment of your dog's lean muscle and fat levels. It's a crucial measurement of your pet's health.

Condition Score

BCS is based on four criteria: rib feel, waist visibility, excess fat under the skin, and muscle mass presence.

BCS Criteria

Dogs often know when their owners are about to leave. Regular actions like putting on shoes or grabbing keys are clear departure signals for them.

Departure Signals

Scoring is based on a five or nine-point scale. An ideal score indicates a healthy weight and higher scores indicate overweight or obesity.

BCS Scoring

Aging pets with chronic health issues may also require dietary changes to maintain health.

Age and BCS

You can measure your dog's BCS at home using a detailed scoring chart. Assess your dog's rib feel, waist visibility, and muscle mass while they are standing.

Measuring BCS

If your dog's BCS is unhealthy, consult your vet. Overweight dogs may need diet changes or increased exercise.

Unhealthy BCS

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