Adopting a Senior Pet: What to Know

Pets around the ages of 5 to 7 years and older are considered senior. They often make up a significant population of animal shelters and can offer much love and companionship.


Before adopting a senior pet, discuss with the shelter staff about the pet's age, past and current medical history, behavioral analysis, and any special needs or diets.


Make your home senior-pet-friendly with bedding, ramps, raised food bowls, night lights, and harness support.


Senior pets may require special diets to maintain a healthy body weight and slow neurologic damage.

Pet Diet

After reviewing the shelter records, ask your vet about the pet's diet, exercise, supplements, medications, and recommended tests.


Senior pets often have established temperaments, are potty trained, and may know tricks. They can be great companions for people with a more sedentary lifestyle.


Partner with your vet for regular follow-ups and medication monitoring. With proper care and love, your senior pet can enjoy their golden years in comfort.


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