A Magical Moon Garden: A Step-by-Step Guide

A Moon Garden is a magical space that can be enjoyed from dusk to dark, glowing in the moonlight and enchanting the senses with fragrant plants.

What is a Moon Garden?

Your Moon Garden needs at least 6 to 8 hours of sun and should be accessible by moonlight. Avoid shadows from structures or fences.

Choosing the Right Spot

A Moon Garden is generally small and often shaped like a full Moon or crescent. The flowers and foliage tend to be white or silvery to glow in the moonlight.

Planning Your Garden

From Shasta daisies to white lilacs, there are many white flowers perfect for your Moon Garden. Bulbs like white daffodils and snowdrops are also great choices.

Selecting the Right Flowers

Team your white flowers with plants with silvery foliage. Lambs Ears, Dusty Miller, and Silver Sage are good choices that will shine in the moonlight.

Adding Silver Foliage

Choose plants that release their scent in the evening to attract moths for pollination. Flowering tobaccos, night blooming jasmine, and moonflower are excellent choices.

Fragrant Night-Time Flowers

Pick an area with a clear view of the night sky. Enjoy the magical experience of sitting out in your Moon Garden, surrounded by glowing flowers and fragrant scents.

Enjoying Your Moon Garden

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