9 Extraordinary Roses for Your Garden

A hybrid tea rose with lime green buds that open to reveal creamy white interiors.

Green Romantica

A rugosa rose with fringed petals and deep pink blooms that resemble carnations.

Pink Grootendorst

A moss rose with a fuzzy coating and old-world double blooms in fuschia to crimson.

Red Moss

A rose with rich chocolate buds that open to a caramel latte color with hints of lavender.

Koko Loco

A wild rose with deep blue-green foliage and soft pink flowers.

Rosa Glauca

An unusual rose with layered sepals forming pointed green rosettes.

The Green Rose

A florist rose with double blooms in pretty coral pink.

Kensington Gardens

A rambling rose that produces roses in shades of purple, pink, and cream.

Seven Sisters

A rose with giant golden stamens emerging from shell-pink single flowers.


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