7 Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas

Square-foot gardening makes efficient use of space. It's an especially helpful method for beginner gardeners.

Square-Foot Gardening

Backyard gardens can be grown in traditional in-ground rows, raised garden beds, or a mixture of both. They cater to multi-use requirements.

Backyard Garden Layouts

Raised beds are excellent for difficult areas such as stony, compacted, contaminated, very wet, or nutrient-poor soils.

Raised Bed Garden Layouts

Kitchen gardens blend vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers together. They're planted and replanted throughout the season for a continuous supply of fresh food.

Kitchen Garden Layouts

A homestead garden is usually larger than a typical backyard garden. It's grown as either a self-sufficient lifestyle choice or a market garden.

Homestead Garden

If your garden is small, make the best use of the space you have with clever planting techniques and the right crops.

Small Gardens

Gardening can flourish even when water is scarce. Raised garden beds, mulching, and water-efficient crops are all important for gardening in dry climates.

Dry Gardens

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