7 Unique Flowering Bulbs for Fall Planting

A perennial tulip requiring fewer chilling hours to bloom. Perfect for the hot South and the Mediterranean climate of the West Coast. Blooms in red and white during spring.

Lady Tulip

A cold-hardy terrestrial orchid native to Japan, perfect for a woodland garden. Blooms in purple-brown and white during spring.

Hardy Japanese Orchid

An unusual member of the iris family with striking yellow-green standards and velvety, nearly black falls. Blooms in black-purple and yellow-green during spring.

Snake’s Head Iris

A lily relative with slightly crinkled, spoon-shaped leaves with purple-brown spots and Muscari-like racemes of greenish-white flowers in spring.

Little White Soldiers

An onion relative with 3-foot stems sporting baseball-size umbels of bell-shaped flowers in rose, cream, and gray-green. Blooms in late spring/early summer.

Sicilian Honey Garlic

A cultivar of a Northwest native species with butter-yellow form and distinctive green mid-veins. Blooms in creamy yellow during late spring/early summer.

Pretty Face

A cultivar with white and purple flowers that bloom on stiff 2-foot stems in late spring and early summer. Hardy to Zone 6.

Ithuriel’s Spear

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