7 Steps to Dry Flowers for Beautiful Keepsakes

Select flowers in excellent condition. Harvest flowers right before they're fully open as they will continue to mature after being cut.

Choose Your Flowers

Remove foliage from stems, then let your flowers dry upright in a vase with no water, keeping them out of direct sunlight.

Air Drying Method

Place about an inch of silica gel in a container. Place the blossom in the container and cover it with silica gel. Seal the container, and check in about five days.

Silica Gel Method

Pressing flowers is great for scrapbooking or making cards. Use a flower press or DIY your own press by using cardboard or plain white packing paper.

Pressing Flowers

The microwave method is fast and yields brighter colors. Use silica gel to hold the flowers upright in a microwavable container. Drying times will vary.

Microwave Drying

Different flowers work best with different methods. For example, hydrangeas and lavender are great for air drying, while roses and zinnias work well with silica gel.

Best Flowers for Each Method

Use your dried flowers in arrangements, wreaths, or display them in shadow boxes. There's no limit to the creative ways to use dried flowers.

Enjoy Your Dried Flowers

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