7 Plants with Black Flowers

Let's delve into the intriguing realm of plants that produce black flowers.

World of Black Flowers

This striking variety of pansy boasts a deep, velvety black color that captivates the eye.

Black Pansy

Black Petunias, also known as 'Black Velvet', offer an exciting contrast in the garden with their dark blooms.

Black Petunia

Black Dahlias are stunning and their near-black flowers add a touch of sophistication to any floral display.

Black Dahlia

This variety of rose is deep maroon in color, appearing nearly black and providing a mysterious allure.

Black Rose

Black Hollyhocks are unusual and dramatic with their dark, nearly black flowers.

Black Hollyhock

This exotic flower is captivating, with black, bat-like flowers that certainly stand out.

Black Bat Flower

With their deep burgundy, almost black flowers, these lilies create an intense visual impact.

Black Lily

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