7 Fun Fall Crafts for Kids to Enjoy

Create little works of art with shaving cream and paint. Stir in your favorite fall colors and apply the marbled mixture to real or paper leaves.

Marbled Fall Leaves

Finger paint paper in festive fall colors. Cut out little pieces of the painted paper to create this beautiful mosaic-inspired acorn art.

Mosaic Acorn

Your child's hand and arm make the perfect stencil for a tree. They can use their fingers to paint fall leaves overtop.

Fall Tree Finger Painting

Gather fallen pinecones and glue on colorful little pom poms to create this cute craft.

Pom Pom Pinecones

For an autumnal twist on the classic handprint turkey craft, add colorful fall leaves to serve as some of the feathers.

Handprint Turkey

Popsicle sticks are the key to this cute scarecrow craft. Once you glue them together, the kids will have fun decorating their scarecrow's face.

Simple Scarecrow

This cheery craft calls for long pointy leaves, preferably in shades of yellow to mimic sunflower petals. These little potted flowers would look so cute on a desk or end table.

Fall Leaf Sunflowers

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