7 Flowers That Look Like Roses

It shares a striking resemblance to the dog-rose variety, with its jagged-looking edges adding a touch of uniqueness.

Alpine Pink Dianthus

Camellias are flowering shrubs that bear gorgeous, showy, bright-colored red, pink, white, or streaked flowers.


Their ruffled, charming petals will give your garden the same ambiance as roses, but with more character, especially if you plant the multi-colored varieties.


Catawba Rhododendrons are stunning, mound-shaped shrubs that feature dense, glossy foliage. Its bell-shaped flowers are a rosy or violet color that grows in bunches.

Catawba Rhododendron

Despite its name, the Cotton Rose Hibiscus isn’t related to the rosa family but is within the mallows family.

Cotton Rose Hibiscus

Double Impatiens have double the flower petals. Impatiens are easy to grow, and are a mainstay of many flower gardeners due to their ability to thrive across many climates.

Double Impatiens

Double Tulips also have fluffier blooms with double the petals. You can find these showy flowers in red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, white and some have two colors.

Double Tulips

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